Proactive Planning ~ Adaptive Implementation

Planning is the interface between a CEO & Board of Directors. Planning is implemented by the CEO so planning is the CEO’s responsibility but defining success to be achieved by planning is the Board of Directors responsibility. The Board of Directors needs to know the plan & be confident planning will meet expectations but Boards of Directors must also be cognizant that plans are always in draft because reality can never be fully predicted.

Business/Operational Plans need to be as complex as the expectations & circumstances of implementation require while being able to adapt to changing circumstances of risk & opportunity.

Business / Operational Plans:

  • Are tools of pro-active management to achieve expectations and manage risk.
  • Allow collaboration on strategies of management and achievement of those tasked with management and achievement with those who set expectations of management and achievement.
  • Support broad and cross understanding of roles and responsibilities of management.
  • Encourage broad and cross support of management and achievement.
  • Are adaptive to changing circumstances of Risk and Opportunity.
  • Support continuous and effective evaluation of management and achievement.
  • Support succession planning, capacity building, operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Planning is Complete only when you Succeed

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