Consulting Services

We support organizational education & training, organizational analysis, success strategy & planning, change strategy & planning, succession strategy & planning for all types of organization including businesses, non-profits, charities & governments.

Consulting, Education, Analysis & Support Services Include:

Change Strategy, Planning & Management

Focus on Success
  • What defines success for your organization?
  • What is the purpose of your organization? Who does your organization serve & how does it serve them?
  • Change Strategy, Planning & Management
  • Define Success to be Achieved
  • Delegate & Hold Accountable Achievement of Success.

Governance Law of Success. Define success to be achieved,

Before delegating
achievement of success.

Organization & Governance:

No Illusions, No Excuses. Just Performance.
  1. Understand your governance role and responsibilities.
  2. Understand the relationship and interdependence of your governance role and responsibilities with the other governance roles and responsibilities.
  3. Effectively address and execute the responsibilities of your governance role without interfering with or undermining other governance roles and responsibilities.
  4. Support and assist other governance roles in effectively addressing their responsibilities wherever effective, practical and appropriate.
Governance Law of Responsibility not Power. Power is authority without accountability.
Power corrupts & is addictive.

Authority with accountability is responsibility, a burden Only the best people willingly undertake.

Elections, employment & appointments are delegations of responsibility,
not paths to power.

CEO/Manager Recruiting & Succession Planning

The Board-CEO relationship is the most important governance relationship in an organization. The CEO is a Board of Directors’ instrument of implementation of their collective direction of how an organization is managed & accomplishes its purpose. The Board of Director’s role is to define organizational success, what is to be achieved. The CEO’s role is to achieve success defined by the Board of Directors.

Recruiting an effective CEO, defining success the CEO is expected to achieve both positive outcomes to be achieved & negative outcomes to be avoided, then holding the CEO accountable for achieving success, is the fundamental role of an effective Board of Directors. Recruiting & succession planning for an effective & accountable Board-CEO relationship requires planning, commitment & discipline.

Effective, Accountable Delegation


Charities, non-profits & First Nation Governments may be eligible for discounts on training & education depending on our interest in supporting the organization or initiative, as well as our availability.

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