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Riley (Smith) Barsanti

Riley (Smith) Barsanti LinkedIn Profile

Riley Smith began to engage with governance studies in 2017, when she worked with Al Errington on the Missanabie Cree First Nation-led initiative to get the Algoma Passenger Train back up and running. She holds a double Honours Degree in History and Political Science from Algoma University, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Relations and Event Management from Sault College. She is Google Marketing Fundamentals certified, and is also working towards a Certificate in Diversity and Intercultural Relations. Riley’s postsecondary education paired with her passion and interest in governance, government and policy, her experience as a public relations intern and a local media professional have equipped her with an understanding of the diverse needs of local boards, organizations and individuals in a work environment, the complexities behind fundraising and marketing in the modern age, and the knowledge of how to help small teams achieve their mission and vision statements.

Al Errington

Al Errington LinkedIn Profile

Al is a life long entrepreneur in diverse industries and has also been involved in numerous non-profit and industry association organizations, including 6 years as President of Ontario Canada’s Nature & Outdoor Tourism Industry. Al began studying governance after he became President of NOTO (Nature & Outdoor Tourism Ontario) from 2003-2009 and began developing his own governance education tools and graphics because he found little support for effective governance education especially for small to medium size organizations and businesses. Al spent over a decade developing a straightforward education & analysis approach to organizational performance & governance.

Al met Riley while they worked with an Indigenous First Nation on a rail development initiative. He was impressed with Riley’s organizational and presentation skills. Riley and Al are currently collaborating on a number of governance-related initiatives including governance education and training consulting.

Laws of Organizational Governance
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